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To grow food without poisonous chemicals, you need to buck the system.

While Earthjustice has been fighting to ban a widely-used, brain-damaging pesticide called chlorpyrifos, some farmers are already finding ways to do without it—and not just chlorpyrifos, but even the next toxic chemical that springs up to replace it. As farmers rediscover natural ways to control pests, and environmental advocates continue to drive down the use of the most harmful chemicals, the two movements could bring about a fundamental change in how we feed our families.

Chlorpyrifos is one of the most widely used pesticides in America. It also causes irreversible brain damage in children, one of several reasons this dangerous chemicalmay soon be pulled off the market. If the EPA does its job and chlorpyrifos is indeed on the way out, that’s great news. But all too often, one toxic pesticide simply gets replaced with another. That’s how our industrial agricultural system works. Widespread, intensive use of toxic chemicals is the default setting for food production. To grow food without poisons like chlorpyrifos, you need to buck the system.

Source: One Toxic Pesticide Is on the Way Out—With Many More to Go | Earthjustice

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