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Microgametocyte of the parasite Plasmodium viv...

Researchers hope to find a microbial route to lower mosquito populations

The Plasmodium parasite is commonly found in regions spanning over half the globe and threatens about 3.2 billion people. The only respite is the nature by which this pathogen is spread; it’s mosquito-borne. However, that also poses a significant problem as controlling the parasite usually means controlling the insect. This task has proven to be almost impossible though some avenues have been found.
The use of pesticides has been the go-to means to minimize mosquito populations. However, even as far back as the 1960s the concern over resistance has dampened the enthusiasm regarding this chemical means of control. The situation has become so bad, there are now well-implemented test methods to determine if resistance is present.Source: Malaria, Mosquitoes, and Microbiota Control | Popular Science

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