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More than 70% of the watersheds that supply water to China’s 30 largest cities are severely polluted, threatening the water supply for hundreds of millions of people, a recent report finds.
The China Urban Water Blueprint, published Monday (Apr. 18) by The Nature Conservancy, analyzed the 135 surface water sources tapped by China’s 30 largest, fastest-growing cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan. Of these, 73% “face medium to high pollution levels,” affecting the lives of 860 million people in areas that contributed about 55% of China’s GDP in 2010.
Roughly half of China’s water pollution is linked to fertilizers, pesticides, and livestock waste, the report says. Poorly treated sewage and industrial spills are other sources.

Source: China’s housing boom has destroyed its biggest cities’ drinking water — Quartz

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